Linen Kitchen Towel Wild Flower Bouquet Collection


These lightweight linen towels are perfect for any occasion! Use them in the kitchen to wipe up some spilled drink or to dry the dishes. Use them as hand towels for your bathroom, or even bring them with you to a picnic where they sure will be very handy, besides serving as an extra decorative element. Our trick is to also use them sometimes as a placemat for breakfast. 

Anyway, no mater what use you decide to give them, we are sure they will serve you perfectly and you will not need to do anything extra to take care of them. Just put them in your washing machine and  they will be as new and even softer after every wash!


  • 55% linen, 45% cotton
  • 50*70 cm
  • machine washing 

€7.95 EUR €10.99 EUR

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